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MeditationFusion For Reiki Practitioners


Maximise your healing service


MeditationFusion is brand new and has been created for exactly this time and I guess I have to say how lucky I am to have found the purpose that I literally was born to deliver at exactly this time. My wife died in 2016 and has come through repeatedly to give me the framework and then tidy up any loose ends when I present it to her. See the page “The story of Ashanti” on this website for the background as to how I know all this.


When I have presented this work to other reiki practitioners they have immediately seen how powerful this fusion of Reiki, Meditation,Crystals,Sounds and shapes is.


Once we add in that certain deities such as Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel and the buddhist faith deitiy Bodhisattva  Guan Yin are already expecting to be called in to help and I think you have to agree it is a very potent mix.


The idea of remote reiki sessions being effective will come as no surprise to you however I will not assume that you are aware of studies showing how the power of group meditations can have effects way beyond the participants.


The power of the group

Studies were done in the city of Liverpool in the UK where a  group of people meditated together regularly from 1978 to 1991 and during March 1988 the participation rate reached a theoretical limit at which the effect has much bigger effects to the wider population.


This rate is believed to be √1 % of the applicable population.


After this threshold was reached the crime rate in Merseyside where Liverpool is dropped 13.4% and continued to improve to be the area with the lowest crime rate whereas previously it was the third worst out of 11 metropolitan areas. This doesn’t mean that this threshold has to be achieved to get massive benefits but it is certainly something to target in this age where we need to raise the vibration on Earth to match the extra energy now bombarding us to lift humanity at a faster rate than ever before.


The idea of crystals increasing the power of a Reiki session will be no surprise to you, however I will not assume that you are aware that the power of sound frequencies adds to the power of the vibrational lift that will be received. 


There are universal sound frequencies that are different to A B C etc and have been recently rediscovered. For instance 528Hz is the frequency of love. There are other frequencies that help assuage fear , promote compassion and others that refresh our connection with the divine.


You will be aware of the different colours associated with the chakras but you may not be aware that each also has a shape associated with it and one again this amplifies the healing at each chakra. Once again these are sacred shapes some of which are solid shapes known to everyone however there are some chakras that are associated with very different shapes to that which you are accustomed and the that chakra is actually associated with the Egyptian symbol, the Ankh.


In addition you may be aware of the relatively new increased connection with the eight chakra ”The Soul Star” however you may not be aware that this has also increased our connection to the “Earth Star” which is our connection to Gaia itself in order to complete the circuit back to the Divine.


So when I was given my task to create a course for healers that would incorporate the music I had already made to facilitate the lifting of the vibration of as many people in the world as possible I knew it must involve group meditation with Reiki and my music and crystal with the special shapes because it must get to as many people as possible.


With that in mind I knew I had to create a way for Reiki healers to take their own clients through the MeditationFusion in as simple a way as possible and with most parts of the world still in some part of lockdown a virtual window was the natural way.


So the chance is for Reiki practitioners to be part of a global raising of human vibration and just perform the remote Reiki session on your clients as the meditation in a regular webinar. The music is taken care of and so is the guided meditation together with the visualisation of the shapes as the meditation progresses. For maximum effect it would best to source a set of the crystal shapes but I don’t propose to make that part of the deal.


The idea is that for an annual fee you get to book a webinar for you clients at a certain time and I will provide times that will match up with other booked webinars in case a slight change will increase the number of people meditating together     and therefore increasing the power automatically as everyone is meditating on the same thing -love healing and compassion. This is so important this time of so many humans suffering loneliness, loss of loved ones and in many cases unable to grieve properly.


Therefore as a reiki practitioner you will easily recoup your fee and then some, create regular incredible interaction with your client base and help raise the vibration of the world. So remember the group effect means it extends to those that don’t even sign up because the compassion and healing of the group spreads to many people who will not know why they feel better.


So few people needed to get to the Magic Number.

Remember the number for accelerated healing beyond just the meditating group is √1 % so here are some examples of the relatively low numbers required and because it is an online session it is available 24 hrs a day.


I will start with Melbourne where I live:-


Melbourne Population 5 million

1% is 50,000

√ of 50,000  is 224 rounded up with many practitioners that has to be achievable



Sydney  5.25 million

1% is 525000

√ is    229


Think bigger !!


Australia has 23 Million

This would only require 480 in a coordinated Meditationfusion session

Now at first sight that seems wrong because it is more than 4 times the population of Sydney but that is where the square root reduces the requirements


Check the calculations if you like 

1% of 23,000,000 = 230,000

√230,000 is 480 rounded up


Lets look at other world centres


Los Angeles 4,000,000 or around 13,000,000 for the greater area

That only needs 361 people for the 13 million not the 4 million!!



9 Million needs 300 people to participate at the same time


This has to be the best chance for you to spread your healing energy to more people than any other way !!


Please use the contact page to contact me


Or feel free to call me on 0414612036




Simon Eddison 

Reiki Master

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